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Electric Keys don't like sweaty jogs

Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:33 pm

The electronic keys that Ford supplys with the 2012 are huge. I don't like carrying useless weight when I'm out running or mountain biking or shopping. At least make it so I can actually use the mechanical key that comes embedded in the electrical key. I have tried it, by placing the electronic key in a combination locked steel box inside the car then using the mechanical key. But the car alarm only gives you 10 seconds once you open the door with the mechanical key to open the combination box and that isn't enough time. Can you make the time adjustable?

Please give us back the simple goof proof key and get rid of the 1930's push button start. It's as if every new engineer tries to make his key-computer bigger than the last key. This isn't progress.

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Re: Electric Keys don't like sweaty jogs

Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:27 pm

Yeah, but just think of the great workout you'll get lugging around all that extra weight! ;)

I love my FFE, but that key is just obnoxious, way larger than the electronic Honda Accord key it replaces. Perhaps the key is loaded with an extra battery just in case your car runs low and you just need a few more miles to get home? :lol:

It is also a pain that the glove compartment does not lock. I used to keep my wallet in my car, but now if I forget to lock my car (I wish it could auto-lock), then I risk losing my wallet.

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