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Dear Ford, please work on your website.

Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:13 pm

Mistakes like this are extremely silly and show a severe lack of attention to customers.
When you browse Nissan's site for the Leaf and it is spot on, but then you turn to Ford and find this - it is quite sad and doesn't instill much confidence in the company's commitment to electric vehicles. Especially after they just cancelled their only EV across a major continent (Europe).
I know there are videos on the owner's site based around EV charging, but they are super difficult to find and this 'help' page is a waste.

-Michael Archambault

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Re: Dear Ford, please work on your website.

Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:58 pm

Yeah the myford owner's website has been like that forever. Not sure I can totally fault Ford - every single car they sell has a gasoline engine, except one. And they have only sold how many - in the thousands, versus millions of the other kind. So I can kind of forgive them not including that silly advertising.

You are totally right, it should be built correctly and not push the wrong bits. Just remember, it is a really tiny percentage of what they sell.

Nissan and BMW are a different story - they have sold a lot of i3's Leafs, they invested a ton of money in marketing (I remember being so excited to be on the waiting list for the Leaf and couldn't wait to try one - and then that promotion ended up being for California only). Ford hasn't done any marketing for the FFE. They never will.

And halting production in Germany was a smart play - they only manufactured something like 60 cars there, total.
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Re: Dear Ford, please work on your website.

Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:20 am

It's not just the website, but the entire System. I still keep getting postcards from Ford, and my selling dealer, when they think my FFE is due for The Works Oil Change at a nice low price. Whenever I have taken the FFE in for recalls, the service department STILL asks me if I want an Oil Change.
This 100+ year old Company is just not set up to Market, Sell, or Service, a NON-ICE vehicle.
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