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Changes for the 2013 FFE?

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:02 pm
by Charged Up
I was playing around with the "build" function on the Ford site for the 2013 FFE, and I noted that the seat colors look much darker than last year, although it has the same name, "stone." I wonder if it is just the way that pic looks or have they actually gone with a darker color?

Re: Changes for the 2013 FFE?

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:12 pm
by dwf123
I saw a video about the FFE display and saw a battery image I do not have in my 2012. Do you know if they changed anything in the displays, SYNC or myfordtouch for 2013? Also, do you think, if they did change, we could get a zip stick to update? How cool would that be???

Re: Changes for the 2013 FFE?

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:03 am
by Fluke
I think I saw the same video. The one I saw showed a power flow type diagram that the 2012 does not have. Maybe they determined it was unnecessary because there is only battery power and regeneration modes whereas a hybrid or plug-in hybrid have more power sources.

I agree, car makers should take a cue from cell phone makers and keep older models' software more on pace with the new models. Some content could be omitted, but the basic software could be updated. Chevrolet hinted they would do this with the Volt, but has not followed through.

Re: Changes for the 2013 FFE?

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:04 pm
by Charged Up
Spoke with a product specialist from Ford. He says the seat color has not changed for the 2013. He looked at the pics I was referring to and said "yeah those pics are not accurate at all."

It would not be unprecedented for Ford to do an update via USB. They just did one for MFT on the Edge and other vehicles. But in general that would be for things that are glitchy or not working properly, an update to add features is not something Ford or GM or anyone typically does.