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2012 Ford Focus Electric Won't Charge as Fast as Nissan LEAF

Tue Feb 01, 2011 4:29 pm

In order to keep the cost of the 2012 Ford Focus Electric down, Ford may have made an executive decision to keep the fast charging components missing from the focus until the prices come down and been formally adopted by the SAE as a recognized fast-charge standard.

This is perhaps after Nissan admitted that fast charging the Nissan Leaf from level 3 CHAdeMO chargers cause premature battery pack ageing. Nissan actually advises against fast charging on a daily basis - and Ford has taken notice, deciding to prevent the fast charging and prolong the battery life.

But what's the effect on the end user? If they buy the Ford Focus Electric, that means they're basically confined to the city unless they have overnight stops along their route. It will take 4 hours to non-quick charge the Focus EV, and while that might not seem real long, it is. It's longer than you'd usually spend taking a break from driving - it's longer than the checkin times for most transatlantic flights too!

All we can do is hope that the lack of a DC fast charging system will also lower the cost! Otherwise the Ford Focus Electric risks losing the normality and reliability that it had when it was first released.

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