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Ford has begun production of 2012 Ford Focus Electric

Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:10 am

Ford announced today that they have started production on the 2012 Ford Focus Electric. The Ford Focus Electric is the first all-electric car produced by Ford, and is expected to be certified to have an EPA fuel efficiency range of 100 MPGe.

The Ford Focus Electric has a few features that separate it from the competition, the most beneficial being that the Focus Electric's battery pack can be re-charged in about half the time it takes to re-charge the Nissan Leaf's battery pack. According to Ford, the battery pack on the Ford Focus Electric can be recharged in a little over 3 hours using a 240-Volt charging station.

Ford did have a previously released electric vehicle - the Ford Transit Connect, but it's a commercial van and the electronic drive system was installed by a third party, Azure Dynamics. The Ford Focus Electric is the first all electric passenger vehicle by Ford that will be fully and completely produced and manufactured by Ford. Ford is planning to start deliveries of the Ford Focus Electric early Spring of 2012.


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