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Ford Launching Ford Focus Electric Amid Volt Controversy

Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:25 am

Here's another classic example of people making news out of nothing, and yet, here I go again posting it :)

WardsAuto released an article discussing how Ford was still pushing ahead with the Ford Focus Electric amidst all of the controversy of the Chevy Volt battery pack and fire issues. But really, what other option does Ford have? Should they just pull the plug on their whole electric vehicle push?

Perhaps they feel that Chevy did something wrong, and the Ford Focus Electric won't have the same issues? Granted they will have a bit more of a difficult time pushing sales of their 2012 Ford Focus Electric because of the un-educated person's opinions that all electric vehicles are now dangerous fire traps. Brad Berman talked about how he had returned from Tokyo Motor Show, and at the customs gate the Officer asked him if he saw anything cool. Brad started mentioning the electric vehicles, and the Customs Officer said "like that Volt that catches fire? I don't think [electric vehicles are] ready yet."

This Ford Focus Electric forum and other electric vehicle forums just help prove that there are tons of people out there interested in electric vehicles, and interested in educating themselves about electric vehicles, rather than just jumping on whatever media frenzy is currently making headlines.

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