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Ford and Zipcar combine forces

Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:04 am

Ford and Zipcar announced a strategic alliance establishing Ford as the largest university car partner. The two year tie-up introduces a new generation of young drivers to Ford vehicles including the Ford Focus and the Ford Escape.

Milleniums (ages 18 - 34) have a much different view than people use to. Almost half of drivers in that age group are driving less, and 64 percent said they would drive less if there were alternative options available. Zipcar provides an alternative via their car share program with vehicle bases at universities and all over the country. Although there is no talk about Zipcar using the Ford Focus Electric, some are guessing it's only a matter of time.

As vehicles progress to being more electric powered, vehicle sharing is something that could really take off. Once electric vehicle charge stations are readily available and are located at a variety of locations, students and other car sharing members could simply drive the Ford Focus Electric vehicle to their destination, plug it in, and it would be charged and ready to go for the next member.

We all know that electric vehicles excel in short-range scenarios, so a car sharing program in the heart of an urban center would make the Ford Focus Electric a great vehicle to use.

View the full press release at the Ford website: ... e_id=35138

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