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Transit Connect Electric

Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:31 pm

Here's a story that raises some concern: After inquiring about the Transit Connect Electric on the Ford website, Carl was given a call by his local dealer.

The scoop is that Ford orders the Transit Connect from the 'mothership' and then sends it to Azure Dynamics to have itfitted with the electric power train for a total of $47000. That's almost double the cost of the gasoline powered Transit Connect.

Obviously (I think so, but is there any proof?) Ford is planning on installing the electric powertrain themselves into the Ford Focus Electric and delivering to the customer completed and ready to go - this will hopefully help keep the cost down.

If the Ford Focus Electric costs 2 times as much as the normal Focus, they will be losing sales. How many miles would you need to drive to save $20000 and some in gasoline?

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The Full Story on Science Friday: ... tric-ford/

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