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2017 FFE - Looking for Trailer Hitch

Sun Sep 01, 2019 12:36 pm

Everywhere I look I'm told the hitch advertised won't fit my vehicle. Seems to be difficult to find one for an FFE, I guess the chassis in the back must be different from the gasoline-powered Focus hatchback to accommodate the battery. I've seen older posts here about trailer hitches for this vehicle. Some of posts mentioned Torklift Central as having one that "bolts right on to an FFE," but when I left an inquiry with them they responded (automatically no doubt) that they never sold one for my vehicle. I suspect they mean my vehicle & model year, which in all likelihood makes no difference. If anyone reading this has bought a hitch from Torklift Central or anywhere else, please let me know the model number, etc. It's the 3-day weekend now, hoping to get some information so I can call them next week.

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