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Changing Sync 3 colors??

Thu Nov 16, 2017 5:11 am

I've played with Sync 3 in loaner cars, and it seems to be quite nice. A large complaint (for me) is that the screen is so "bright". With My Ford Touch, it's light lettering on a black background. With Sync 3 (in Fords) it's the exact opposite. However, with Lincolns and Sync 3, it's color scheme is like My Ford/Lincoln Touch.

Did a smidge of research, and it looks like you have to "hack" the car to change the color scheme to be like Sync 3 in a Lincoln

"Try 7D0-03-01xxxxx*xxxxxxVisual Design Variants: 0=Ford Classic, 1=Ford Timeless, 2=Lincoln Timeless, 3=Lincoln Next, 4=Ford New Blue GT (must also set 7D0-02-01 xxxx xDxx xxxx)

7D0-03-01xxxxx2xxxxxxLincoln brown theme (Sync 3) ** must also set 7D0-01-02 8xxx xxxx xxxx"

Above is what I found/saw.

Is "hacking" the only way to change the scheme? Is this Forscan stuff?
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