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Re: I installed a HomeLink visor in my 2013 FFE in 10 minute

Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:16 pm

Pearl wrote:On my 2013 there was absolutely no difference in mounting.
I unscrewed two mountings screws,
removed the visor,
pulled out the connector,
unconnected the visor,
plugged the homelink visor in,
screwed it back in.

5 minutes, MAX
Just did my wife's new 800 mile 2013 FFE. Should have paid more attention to the earlier posts and more attention when digging into the headliner to get that *&^$ wire loose - got blood on her nice new headliner :oops: . The wire in the headliner was glued down tight so mine was a 30 minute project including the time to get a band-aid and clean the headliner! Cold water and paper towel took care of it. I was tempted to get a used visor but as the car is almost new got a brand new factory fresh visor from Tasca Ford off eBay. Part was CM5Z-5804105-FA if anybody wants to know.

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