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Re: Stop Safely Now Warning

Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:29 pm

My dealer tried to tell me that playing music loudly would significantly reduce range. :roll: (The power required for audio is minuscule.)

I think your dealer was simply misinformed. Take whatever they say with a block of salt. It's a bit scary to think that the dealers don't fully understand they cars they are selling, but what can you do?
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Re: Stop Safely Now Warning

Fri Mar 15, 2013 4:41 pm

It could be that the low voltage battery doesn’t charge when the vehicle isn't put into the ready to drive mode. Press the start button without stepping on the brake pedal. This turns on all the accessories but doesn’t put the car in the ready to drive mode. The car has a DC to DC converter that charges the 12 volt battery off of the high voltage battery. If for some reason the DC to DC converter doesn’t work would result in the 12 volt battery being exhausted in a relatively short time if load is high. The cars computer monitors the 12 volt battery. If the voltage drops below a certain level it imitates a shut down. Since the computer runs off the 12 volt battery, loss of this source of power is critical to the vehicles operation.
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Re: Stop Safely Now Warning

Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:08 pm

It should be fairly easy to validate that: "Start the car" and check the voltage across the 12V battery with a voltmeter--if the voltage is ~14V then the battery is charging, if 12V or less it isn't charging.

On an ICE vehicle the alternator/regulator puts 14V to the battery; I would suspect that on the BEV Focus they would also put 14V to the battery simply because that is what the engineers know--its all they've known for the past century!
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Re: Stop Safely Now Warning

Sat Mar 16, 2013 1:45 am

Could this be a difference between the 2012 and 2013??? There seem to be several downgrades between the model years (mostly minor--fewer LED lights, loss of a couple of gizmos/features e.g.). I do notice that my manual seems unusually generic in spots.

Thanks, though--I will pass this back to the dealer. It jives better with what I thought I was told upon purchase.

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Re: Stop Safely Now Warning

Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:01 am

The FFE has LED lighting right above the head lights, license plate, and the two stripes on the tail lights. Far as I know this is the same as the 2012 FFE.

If you wish to upgrade to LED lighting then check out this link.
http://www.myfocuselectric.com/forum/vi ... f=16&t=946

If you leave the door open the lights will turn off in about 10 minutes. If you leave the trunk open the trunk lights will remain on.
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Re: Stop Safely Now Warning

Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:46 am

I had this happent to me on a busy highway. I was driving along at highway speeds and came over a hill to standstill traffic. I slammed on the brakes and the stop safely light came on and I could not power the motor. Everything else was on. I had to push the car out of the middle lane in traffic. I cant imagine what my wife would have done. Anyway after about 15 minutes of being on the phone with roadside, and them telling me I had to pay out of pocket for the tow to get me off the highway, I held in the start button for awhile and it fired up. Today my wife drove it 15 miles to work then went to go run an errand and she got the same message. She was eventually able to start it by holding in the start button. Its going to the dealer tomorrow. I hope i didnt make a mistake with this car?

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Re: Stop Safely Now Warning

Mon Mar 25, 2013 9:05 pm

Hmmm... the shop said something about "reconnecting" or "re-seating some connections" on mine. I wonder if there are some connectors that are not clipped on as firmly as they should be. The car does have very good brakes! So maybe slamming on the brakes would do it. As for me, I'd hit some pretty massive potholes already (new though the car is).

It's been running very nicely since then. But I have to admit, when on the highway, I've made a point of driving in lanes with a shoulder, just in case, when possible.

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Re: Stop Safely Now Warning

Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:02 am

I have a 2012 with 4300 miles on it and the stop safely now light came on while my wife was driving back from the store. It stalled out at an intersection, she put it in park and tried to restart it to no avail. I came to get her and tried to start it but could not and because she put it in park, it would not go into neutral and was totally immobilized. I pushed and held down the start button and somehow was able to get it into neutral and roll it off the street. About 5 minutes after that it started and has been running fine since (about 5 days now). What was the final fix for anyone else who had this happen, or is there one? Reminds me of a glitchy computer, where you just do a hard shutdown and its fine after that, but I sure don't want it shutting down on the freeway in the carpool lane.

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Re: Stop Safely Now Warning

Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:00 pm

I now have some diagnoses and codes. Their comments are given as quotes. My comments in italics.
Batteries reading 3v, charge battery and test with rotunda tester, indicates good battery.
i.e. the 12 V battery was drawn down considerably, but not faulty.
Connected 220 charge cable, Charged lithium battery. Run self test on all modules, no stored codes
this is rather startling, given that the car had "stop safely now" either two or three times, a "low 12 V battery" warning once, that was sent to the cell phone, and two hard shut downs--all apparently without successfully storing a code onboard the car!
Road test vehicle, vehicle stopped, and stop safely now light is now on.
Not nice that it happened to them, but thank goodness, because it gave them something to diagnose.
Performed self test on all modules, PCM has a stored code D0A0AI01 High Voltage System Interlock Circuit. Perform PPT H
whatever PPT H is, I didn't ask
Remove left from wheel, inner fender panel to gain access to PCM, remove PCM and connector C175B. Perform PPT H1TO. Performed wiggle test on all connectors check pin fit on all connectors C1822B, C1822E, C1822C, C1822A, C1822G, C175B and C1457A. P1 on C1822E and Pin 2 on C1822G Pin fit is loose, repair pin fit and reassemble vehicle. Run on demand self test and all passes.
While not listed in the diagnosis, they also replaced the powertrain control module (PCM) as well as finding and fixing loose connectors. Unclear to me if that's because the pins are integral with the PCM, or if there was some additional problem with the PCM, or if they mostly did the replacement out of an abundance of caution.

We're having a significantly worse than usual crop of potholes and other assorted road lumps and debris this year, and the car has had more than its fair share of sudden drops and bumps in its short life. So connectors could have been loose from the factory, or could have been jostled loose.

FWIW (not much?) the Left front wheel was also the wheel that they had replaced a tire on a couple of days previously (my bad--slashed it on a rock). I'd assume that's unrelated / incidental, but for completeness, I mention it.

I don't have a tester to confirm the state of the 12 V battery, but I'm being far more judicious in using it--especially when the car is not a) in drive and ideally b) in motion--and have not had more problems of this nature.

I still have other (ongoing) minor weirdness with the navigation (which likes to go to a blank screen, while repeatedly demanding that I "pick a line") and the entertainment (which still sporadically tells me that my files are corrupt or unsupported, and then, often as not, plays them anyway). But those are quirks I can live with.

I am pleased to report that as the weather warms into the mid 50's, the car is now allotting me 102 miles worth of driving for a full battery--much better than I'd hoped for--and it continues to drive very enjoyably. I'm still glad I have the car.

I should also mention that my last car was one of the very first US Priuses (delivery in Nov 2000). That Prius stranded me a couple of times with its own version of "stop immediately" until Toyota got things figured out, and sent out an operating system patch. (And that was AFTER the Prius had been out in Japan for two years.) If Ford is as diligent about their teething problems as Toyota, I look forward to a mostly drama-free 8 or 9 years...starting (I hope) very soon.

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Re: Stop Safely Now Warning

Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:29 pm

Same thing happened to me today. HAd 3/4 battery power.
Just got off the LIE and was waiting as a train passed.
Try to go and no power at all and the warning lights came on.

I thought it was weird that the battery,although 3/4-full, would go down to zero and the stop now message would appear.

It finally came to after 10 minutes or so.

ITs at the dealer now and who knows at this point.

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