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Sync reboot and no propulsion

Thu Jan 17, 2019 7:50 pm

Today I turned on the car, the screen lit up, then went blank. I was in a hurry, so instead of figuring out why the screen wasn't working for more than 10 seconds, I put the car into drive and left the garage. My house and driveway are sloped downhill, so I rolled about 2 houses down before I realized the gas pedal wasn't working and the steering felt heavy.

After Sync rebooted, the car worked after I restarted it. The green drive icon was on, so I'm sure the car was on. On 2 other occasions the car has had no go upon starting, without any issues with Sync. It was instantly fixed when I restarted the car.

Any ideas?

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Re: Sync reboot and no propulsion

Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:13 am

Yup the FFE is very particular about starting up. You can't just hop in, start it, and go--it doesn't like that at all.

Typically my procedure was:
  • Open door, get in
  • Foot on brake
  • Press start
  • Close door
  • Keep foot on brake
  • buckle up
  • Adjust radio, etc.
  • Shift to D or R
You need to give it that extra beat or two for everything to wake up before shifting out of park. If you don't you'll be left with no power to the drive motor and the car freewheeling. If you do get in that situation just press the start button again with your foot on the brake--that usually will wake it up.

Sync rebooting didn't have anything to do with it--sync will reboot on its own at random times (heck you can pull the sync fuse from behind the glove box and the car will run fine without it).

Of course that procedure became so habit I also used it for the C-Max I leased and now the Bolt. I doubt it really does much for the Bolt, however.
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