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ForScan Bat_To_Empty behavior

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:49 am
by thanhdaica1985
So I recently bought an ODB2 Scanner to read my Focus Electric. And I wonder if anyone has ever experience this. When I read the estimated remaining charge when the car was full, it's estimated to have about 14 kwh. But as I used the car and measure it, my total kwh is actually increasing. I think last night I calculated to have 16 kwh capacity after using about 7 kwh, and estimated remaining charge is about 9 kwh. After I drove to work this morning, I parked my car and look at the Bat_To_Empty value while parked, and it was climbing up. I know some member had problem with overestimating when battery was full, but in my case, it is underestimating when full. So did any of you have similar experience? Thanks.