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Re: Car has no power - Any Ideas

Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:59 pm

WattsUp wrote:
kiwiffe wrote:I tried to jump it with my ICE car but wasn't sure how long I needed it hooked up (was connected for about 2 mins) and still no juice.
Did you try to start the FFE while it was jumped? This is what "jumping the FFE" would mean, just like a regular car. The jumping procedure is outlined in the user manual.

Just connecting the battery for 2 minutes will do almost nothing.
when I had a dead battery, connecting a small charger woke up the car instantly.

Kiwiffie....Do you have a voltmeter? Measure the battery, see if it's really discharged as we are supposing. The problem might be something entirely else (Fuse, etc)
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Re: Car has no power - Any Ideas

Tue Sep 08, 2015 4:50 pm

So I ended up borrowing a 12V trickle charger/starter from my buddy and purchased a voltmeter.
The voltage of the battery was 2.1V when measured before troubleshooting.

I tried to jump the car with the 50A jump from the machine. No good, still dead.
I then set up the trickle charger to see what it would do. Battery voltage jumper from 2.1V to 7V when hooked up. Left it for 30 minutes and charger said completed. Voltage back down to 2.1V.

I then tried the 10A boost feature of the charger/starter and lights etc began to flicker on and off, slowly for 1-2 minutes. I was then able to start the car. I then let it charge for another 5 minutes on the boost mode while the car was also running. The center NAV screen did not turn on but everything else seemed to work fine. Turned the car off then back on and the screen then booted up.

Measured the battery after disconnection at 12.2V. Decided to drive the car over to a free station 3 miles from my house and see how it goes. Hooked it up and car read 12.6V before a 30 minute charge and 14V after a quick charge. It is now sitting in the garage hopefully still retaining a charge. I will find out later as I have a work trip and wouldn't have been able to deal with tow truck, dealer etc.

I also set up the myfordmobile to notify me of 12V issues. I hadn't done this previously as it looked like the app had crappy reviews in the store and seemed to affect value charging etc. Hoepfully this will notify me of any future 12V issues.

Hopefully that was enough to charge up the 12V. Thanks for all who chimed in with their assistance. :)
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Re: Car has no power - Any Ideas

Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:16 pm

If the 12v battery was that low, you would really need an overnight trickle charge from an external 12v battery charger to get it fully charged.
But if it got nearly dead, its obviously very weakened and may not hold a charge for days if needed.

I think a lot of FFEs may sit on a dealer's lot for months and not get proper 12v battery maintenance during that time, making it marginal upon delivery.
I'd take it to a Ford dealer and have them replace the 12v battery under warranty ASAP. They can do a full load test and confirm its not up to snuff.

I had a weakened 12v battery issue a week after my FFE was delivered last year too.
I bought a cheap 12v accessory meter that plugs in the cigarette lighter socket inside so I can monitor the voltage daily and catch it well before it gets way too low like 11V or less. I also got a small lithium ion battery unit that can jump start the 12v car battery in an emergency. The 12v battery is the weak link in the FFE design, so better to be especially prepared.
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Re: Car has no power - Any Ideas

Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:22 am

Don't rely too much on the myfordmobile alerts. The two times that my battery drained (like Michael's, no discernable reason), the car didn't send out an SOS until I woke it up by opening the door.
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Re: Car has no power - Any Ideas

Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:13 am

Thanks for posting this issue.
I work in wireless communications with some tower sites supported by battery backup. Similar to automotive batteries, if the battery voltage got as low as 2.1 VDC (!) for any length of time, chances are that battery has been severely damaged and cannot be trusted to perform for a normal life, and could go dead again on you at another inopportune time ( there are no "opportune" times for a dead battery I guess ).

I think you said your car is quite new, so I would take the car to the dealer and tell them the battery had gone dead on a couple of occasions and ask them to test or replace it.

In deep cycle applications we have a sensor to shut off the radio equipment load if the battery voltage dips to 11.2 VDC because going lower than that and still trying to run a load will harm the battery and substantially reduce its expected life.

Thanks for sharing, this is something we will all likely face at one time or another.

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