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Initiating navigation from Right Vehicle Info Display

Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:26 am

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this, and if it is by design: (I hope not!)

When initiating navigation assistance to a specific destination, I can't do it from the Right Vehicle Info Display (RVID) unless the primary touchscreen display is already on the navigation page. So here is what happens to me:
1) The main touchscreen display is on Entertainment
2) I go to Navigation on the RVID, and select a destination (e.g. Home)
3) The RVID says something like "Please wait" for a few seconds. And then...
4) Nothing happens! No change to the main touchscreen display, no navigation.

But when the main touchscreen display is already on the Navigation view, and then I try initiating a route from the RVID, it works fine. This seems so stupid - that I would have to operate the main touchscreen display to show navigation first in order to use the 'convenient' steering wheel RVID controller.

Oh, and then last, I have to go back to the main touchscreen display to acknowledge if I plan to charge at my chosen destination. So much for the 'convenient' steering wheel controller.

Does this make sense? Is this the way your FFEs operate, too? I have the 2014 FFE, and just got it two weeks ago.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Initiating navigation from Right Vehicle Info Display

Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:50 am

Yes my FFE does this as well (its a 2013). It would make sense: at this point we're all running the same MyFordTouch software. I would imagine that it works just fine for all of Ford's ICE vehicles with MFT (don't know about the Energi products as they would have the "Will you charge at the destination" question as well).

You can accomplish the same thing by hitting the sync button and saying: "Navigation" <prompt> "destination" <prompt> "home" (if you were going home). The <prompt> will be different depending on your Sync settings (if its on advanced <prompt> is just a beep, if its on "novice" Sync will talk & talk & talk).

I have a lot of info on Sync in my blog, a good starting point is here: ... h-drivers/

I think the quirk your seeing is sort of by design: Like I said it probably works for the ICE vehicles which don't have that extra question but then again it may not: There are a lot of incomplete features in MyFordTouch that Ford just gave up on when it turned out to be such a disaster for them.

(I can't test this in our ICE Focus: It has MyFordTouch but no Nav.)
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