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Missing trips on My Ford Mobile

Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:09 pm

I notice that if I end a trip in an underground parking lot, it does not register on My Ford Mobile. While that makes sense, since the car cannot communicate wirelessly from an underground structure, I assumed these trips would simply sync later. Instead, it appears they are simply lost from my driving record and not counted toward my leaderboard stats.

Has anyone else experienced that? Ford techs?

Is there anything I can do to force synchronization of these lost trips?


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Re: Missing trips on My Ford Mobile

Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:15 am

If you look at my community in MFM you will see "2581 Ford EV'ers" that should be an indication of how bogus MFM is.

In my case I have driven 8645 miles. That can be seen by clicking on "Vehicle Info" on the front panel of MFM. If you click on "My Driving" MFM only gives me 1729 miles. Just two weeks ago I had over 6000 miles. I have no explanation for this type of inaccuracy. I did not close my MFB account and reactivate. The miles just disappeared.

MFB has lots of nice features but the website is primative. I have assumed they will upgrade and enhance as the number of users increases. I have seen a number of improvements since May 2012 when I joined however, they have been very slow.

To answer your question, I do not believe you can synchronize lost data. The data is in your car, maybe you could try calling tech support and filling us in on the conversation....
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Re: Missing trips on My Ford Mobile

Sun Nov 11, 2012 10:49 am

Friday I got a text congratulating me on going over 5,000 miles on the Focus. In fact I've just gone over 1,500.

I left my car at the Richmond, VA airport (RIC) while taking a trip to Michigan for a few days. I started getting texts one an hour to plug in the car "Ford Focus Electric has limited performance due to cold temperatures. Please plug the vehicle in." I think the temperature at the airport was in the 40s.

There is one worse level I think, "severely limited performance".

I went on line and unchecked the option to get texts for "limited performance" but it kept sending them anyway, even all night through.

I was a little concerned as this was the first cold weather it had experienced, but when I got back to the airport it still showed 45 miles, the same as when I had left it.

I think this is a fantastically engineered car and Ford is to be congratulated for trying to integrate advanced interfaces and communications with the owner. There are a few glitches that I believe will be fixed and amended as we go.

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