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Charging Fault Msg Followed by Full Stop of Charging

Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:46 pm

Picked up my FFE today, after 3 weeks in the shop. Drove the 80 miles home.

Car has been kicking out tons of "charging fault" messages to mfm while at the shop. Was told not to worry.

Got it home and plugged in and that's right "charging fault." To the point where it stopped charging, using the 240v schneider. It also kicked up the "see owner's manual" with yellow wrench sign. Switched to the 120v Ford for ~3.5 hours, seemed to work fine. Tried the 240v Voltec for 20 minutes...still good, then back to the 240v schneider and it was working fine again.

Why? Who knows? When I was getting the charging faults I could hear what sounds like a compressor/pump running for cooling while charging, but no fan. Later when not getting faults I could hear compressor and fan running.

During the time when it was charging ok again got the following msg on MFM

"TAKE CHARGE! has limited performance due to hot temperatures. Please plug the vehicle in. "

Would have expected that msg earlier when there was no fan and I was getting faults.

Opened the Schneider to confirm wiring. There is a yellow led in there, it was blink 4 times stop 4 times stop...etc. Wondering if Schneider has a listing of diagnostic codes for its charger?

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Re: Charging Fault Msg Followed by Full Stop of Charging

Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:34 am

Marc, Glad to hear you have your car back!!!

All of your comments are relative to things I have experienced, but, they should not be happening now. It isn't hot enough to run the AC while charging or for it to have the "Warm weather, plug in now message". The "wrench warning" while charging only happened to me when I tried to value charge and you have read about others who have had the same problem. That is my one problem I have not figured out.

But, yours is a different story, because of the extensive stuff they must have done in the shop. I hesitate to even suggest actions you might take to correct anything accept call the Ford and Schneider tech people!!

"Knock on Wood", but I am so grateful my car has been trouble free. I would be so pissed if I were in your shoes......

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Re: Charging Fault Msg Followed by Full Stop of Charging

Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:10 pm

Whenever I use the Value Charge profile and plug the car in, I get several messages that read:

"We thought you would like to know that Jim's FFE 94303 has experienced a fault while charging. Please verify that there isn’t a problem with your power source. If this problem persists, contact your dealership."

The car starts charging at the correct time (Midnight) and is ready to go every morning no problem.
I use the Go Time to preheat the car in the mornings. That works great.

Anyone else get that message?


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Re: Charging Fault Msg Followed by Full Stop of Charging

Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:26 pm


Before I began using the delay feature on my EVSE, I would receive those messages. Sometimes my EVSE would charge normally and sometimes it would end up in a fault condition. I always considered it an FFE bug with Value Charge.

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