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Ford Focus RS-E

Thu Aug 27, 2020 11:52 am

So I had a Ford focus ev. Dumb kid on cell phone hit me while I was stopped and totalled it. Loved the car but really hated the TQ management under 30mph. But the 100,000mile warranty on the complete ev drive train is nice for a used car that can be found for as low as 6g.

Anyway, starting to shop for my next focus EV and want to do the 2018 RS body parts (and eventually the interior). Since the RS is AWD. The rear spindles are bolt on, unsure if I could also use the same axles as up front but (once the warranty is up) I'd like to add another motor for the rear. Complete focus EV drive train is 2g ish on ebay. Factory hatch mounted battery may require relocation and second motor would need a controller. (Unsure if there would be a way to grab the front drive controls and port them to control the rear as well). I really don't care if it only gets 40mile range as I live less then 10miles from work and would eventually add more batteries.


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Re: Ford Focus RS-E

Fri Aug 28, 2020 9:00 pm

Sounds like a very ambitious project.
Problems to overcome
1. Synchronizing the drive units to have the exact same rotational speed.
2. If the drive units will share the battery, preventing one drive unit from powering the other .
3. If separate batteries, where to put them, and how to beef up the suspension to handle the extra weight.
4. If separate batteries, how to beef up the chassis to handle the extra weight and torque.
5. If separate batteries, how to charge them.
6. If the rear drive unit cannot mount in the same orientation as the front, how to reconfigure the resolver for reverse feedback when drive is engaged.
7. How to acommodate two sets of controls?
8. How to implement a master/slave system for those controls.
9. One or two cooling systems? If two, where will all that stuff go and be exposed to good airflow?
10. If one, can the one provide sufficient thermal management? Or will heat exchanger area need to double? Will pump speeds need to double, or provide twice the flow? Can the compressor move enough fluid?
11. If you need to custom wire high voltage, where are you going to get the cables?
That is just some.
What if you just find a generic electric motor that could work with the FFE power systems, and then fabricate an adapter from the generic motor to an RS AWD powertrain sans engine. That might be easier than a dual motor configuration.

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Re: Ford Focus RS-E

Sun Aug 30, 2020 3:44 pm

Many lines of sofware code to modify! The battery is in two big chunks that don't fit anywere else. Tons of engineering to do here.

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