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Re: How to replace a lost key

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 12:54 pm
by Heima
Those previous links were for the CJ5T key, here is for the BT4T key:

Re: How to replace a lost key

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 5:21 pm
by Heima
Well, it worked. I checked my keys, and they were the BT4T type. I ordered from the link I provided and the key fob arrived today.
On the left is the original Ford key fob, on the right is the made in China version.

Button side

Battery side

Closer up

Note how the Ford original is made by Continental. Yeah, the tire company.

As you can see the China version is a little stripped down. Also, the China version has four pins at the top that makes me think that is for a programming interface. Meaning, that both the CJ5T and BT4T shipped from this vendor are one in the same, they just program them to be different. The two coil antenna on the China version alludes to this.

So programming was pretty easy, when you finally find the correct instructions. Here they are:

1.Open the floor console storage compartment lid.
2.Remove the tray.
3.Place the first programmed intelligent access key flat on the symbol at the bottom of the floor console storage compartment.
4.Press the START STOP button.
5.Wait five seconds and then press theSTART STOP button again.
6.Remove the intelligent access key.
7.Within 10 seconds, place a secondprogrammed intelligent access key flaton the symbol.
8.Press the START STOP button.
9.Wait five seconds and then press theSTART STOP button again.
10.Remove the intelligent access key.
11.Within 10 seconds, place the unprogrammed intelligent access key flat on the symbol.
12.Press the START STOP button. Programming is now complete. Check that the remote control functions operate and your vehicle starts with the new intelligent access key.

The new key works, albeit a little slower, perhaps because it is running an emulator of sorts.

I realize this thread was about replacing a lost key, meaning there are not two available to perform this programing. However, for those of us that already have two keys and do not wish to get into that situation, this is a fairly inexpensive approach. Consider it like insurance.