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Re: Guess-o-meter strangeness

Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:51 am

Carbuff wrote:So, I have seen how the gom dips 15 miles or so when I use the heat and returns to normal when I shut it off. I usually use heat for short bursts for defogging windows, etc. Usually it reads anywhere from 65-70 when fully charged due to my usual driving habits. When I lend the car to my daughter to drive her 30 mile, each way, trip to work and back, it will be at 80+ when fully charged the next day. Her trip is mostly 45 mph all the way with light traffic. Yesterday was a terrible rainy day in the 50s. My wife and I drove all over running errands, going to lots of stores. We had the heat on most of the time, lights, wipers, heated seats, etc. We probably put 40 miles on the car and the gom said 18 when I shut it down for the day. I was ok with that considering the liberal usage of the heat and poor driving habits. So, this morning with the car fully charged at 100% it says 46 miles. Is this because the car now assumes that I will be driving like I did yesterday? Will this go back to normal once I start driving my usual way? Is it possible that the gom will actually start adding miles once I start driving around normally? I will post back with my results but am interested in others experience with the gom "over-reacting"
Yeah, that's basically it. I'm not sure how "far back" the GOM's algorithm goes to figure out what the average Wh/mile is but it basically takes your last X number of minutes (where "X" is unknown) of driving and considers the non-HVAC power consumption vs. the HVAC power consumption and comes up with some estimate. It will morph as your driving changes.
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Re: Guess-o-meter strangeness

Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:18 pm

Yup it isn't called the guess-o-meter for nothing! LOL

Just drive it at 25 mph for an hour or so and watch the miles go up (if you go long enough you can get it to read 200+ miles).
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Re: Guess-o-meter strangeness

Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:57 pm

You basically just drive the car, and figure out how you drive it, and what your efficiency is. Figure out how many watts per mile you average, and then do the math. That will be your typical range.
I know that I generally get 80 miles per charge, so I assume I will get that or less, and pay little attention to the GOM.
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Re: Guess-o-meter strangeness

Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:42 pm

Wow so your daughter is an expert at driving the car perfectly. That's amazing, you need to be a proud parent. Ride along with her to figure out what she is doing right.

As others answered - yes that's exactly how the GOM works. It is very sensitive to changes in driving / energy use.
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Re: Guess-o-meter strangeness

Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:12 pm

EVA wrote:As others answered - yes that's exactly how the GOM works. It is very sensitive to changes in driving / energy use.
Think about it, typical range of the FFE (23 kWh) battery is only about 75 miles (under ideal normal use).

That's like driving a gas car that only carries about 3 gallons of gas, perhaps even less.

Can you imagine how attuned you would become to how quickly (or slowly) you burned through those meager gallons? You'd probably love to have a very sensitive "MPG-o-meter" letting you know how you were doing at any given moment.

That's exactly what the GOM is for the FFE.
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Re: Guess-o-meter strangeness

Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:31 am

Carbuff, also remember the car's battery heaters kick in when the battery gets below 50F. I'm not sure if being near the ocean keeps you a little warmer or not but here in northern Ohio winter worst case range with the 23kWh battery is about 40 miles. If you tried cranking the heat I'd imagine it could get as low as 35 miles especially with lots of stop and go traffic. 48mi is the worst I've personally experienced but I use the heat sparingly.
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