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Re: '17 FFE Dead 12Volt battery

Sat May 27, 2017 9:06 am

chewpick wrote:
campfamily wrote:So, not sure if it's just a coincidence, but this afternoon I got the text and email from MFM telling me the 12volt battery was low, and to charge the car. Drive battery charge was about 75%. When I got home later that evening, I plugged the car in, and nothing. My wall charger didn't show it was doing anything. The car was completely dead. I used the metal key to unlock the car and get under the hood. I hooked up my portable jumper battery to the 12volt battery and everything came alive, and my L2 charger began charging. I disconnected the jumper battery, then hooked up my Battery Tender to the 12volt battery. I'm going to leave it that way overnight and see whether the 12volt comes back alive, but I'm not too hopeful; lead acid batteries typically don't recover after going completely discharged.

Interestingly, I went out to the car about 20 minutes after I did all this and opened the door (keyless entry worked fine), and noticed that all of my settings except the clock were maintained; trip odos, radio presets, navigation history, everything but the clock was still set. Also, the center screen was blank for about 20 seconds or so, then it came alive with the message "SYNC. Performing scheduled system maintenance.......", with a progress bar underneath it. Once the bar filled in (about a minute), my normal home screen showed up.

Car is a 2015, with just under 23,000 miles. All recalls have been performed. This is the first issue I have had with the car since I have owned it, almost exactly two years now.

Will provide an update in the morning. Hopefully doesn't need a trip to the dealer, as I'm leaving on a 3 day business trip tomorrow to Wash DC.


Did you happen to hear a loud ticking noise? I remember seeing a progress bar on the media screen as well, but I don't recall what the message was.
Did you get your focus back from the dealer? What was wrong with the focus?
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Re: '17 FFE Dead 12Volt battery

Sun May 28, 2017 7:44 pm

I got the car back after 2 days. Long story short they couldn't duplicate the problem. They tried recharging it once and got a faulty cell error (whatever that means) and tried again with the second time being the charm. I've been running it two weeks now without issue. And i have a brand new lithium ion battery boost pack in my map pocket. I was reluctant to buy the boost pack but i feel a lot better having it with me.

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