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PG&E customers on TOU plans - tomorrow is 5/1

Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:19 am

FYI...Summer tier pricing goes into effect at midnight. You're gonna be twice as much per KwH if you consume at peak periods, more if your baseline is higher.

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Re: PG&E customers on TOU plans - tomorrow is 5/1

Sat May 04, 2013 8:01 am

Interesting... SoCalEdison decrees that summer starts on June 1. Last I checked we get hotter than poop before y'all do up north, one would think SCE would start summer before PGE. Go figure. Not that I'm complaining...

What I am inclined to complain about is the SCE summer pricing... currently published Tier 1 peak rate is about 3x the super-off-peak (12am-6am) rate, and the Tier 2 is over 5x ($0.09 vs $0.47)! I suspect the PGE rates would result in lower bills for someone with my home + EV electricity needs, which end up well over Tier 1 cutoff. Worst of it is that the Tier 2 off-peak rate (6pm-12am, 6am-10am, weekends/holidays) is $0.28/kWh, 3x over Tier 1. I haven't done the calculations, but now I might have to seriously consider buying an L2 EVSE to keep overnight charging within the super-off-peak hours - currently I need about 12 hours on the OEM charge cord to get a full charge after coming home from work.
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