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C-Max Ford Partner X-pricing

Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:26 am

I did some checking into the availability of X-pricing on both the C-Max Hybrid and Energi and while I thought the Energi would not be included (as the FFE wasn't) it shows up now -- of course the $1,000 incentive isn't offered (yet) on the Energi but is on the Hybrid so a Hybrid SE base would net out at $23,103 (MSRP of $25,200, X-Plan at $24,103 and the $1,000 cash rebate); the C-Max Hybrid SEL base would net out at $25,935 (MSRP $28,200, X-Plan at $26,935 and the $1,000 cash rebate) and a base Energi would net out at $27,667 (MSRP of $32,950, X-Plan at $31,417 and Fed Tax Credit of $3,750) this doesn't include taxes, license fees, etc. but in states with high doc fees (over $100) it looks like Ford rebates the difference back to the dealer so would save a few bucks there as well. So this puts the difference at only $732 !! between the Hybrid SEL and the similarly equipped Energi !! Of course you need to check what equipment would be different between the Hybrid SEL and the Energi (most have said that the equipment level is quite similar, that's part of the reason why the Energi starts at where it is) but such a small difference makes me lean more towards getting an Energi for zero gas short commutes during the week. Here is a link to those companies that partner with Ford (I retired from one years ago and looks like retirees are eligible as well):

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